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Quair White Shirt Button Clip

One Button Is All You Need. - No neck strap required. - Easy to put on. - Made with extra durable silicon

- Easy to clean

Quair Plasma Mini – PM 0820

The only wearable personal air purifier of 85 grams with a built-in fan with enough power for your day's work, Quair Plasma Mini comes with its own “bipolar ion technology”. In short, it deploys positive and negative ions into the air creating your personal breathing zone to serve as your additional protective layer in addition to your mask.

Quair White Neck Strap

Mix and Match to Your Liking - Additional around-the-neck comfort - 680mm, with two adjustable lengths - Made with extra durable silicon - Easy to clean - Easy to put on   Neck Strap Dimension:

L = 68cm

W = 1cm  


Quair White Protective Case with Neck Strap

Protect Yourself and Your Plasma Mini - Safeguard your Plasma Mini - Shock and drop resistant - Made with extra durable silicon

- Includes: same color Neck Strap

- Easy to clean

-Neck Strap is 68cm