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Sanremo Opera V2 Professional Coffee Machines

Conceived by the experience and desires of a team of excellence. Made to be innovative from every point of view. Created for you.


  • Created by a team of champions and professionals from the world of coffee: the Opera Team;
  • Exclusive CDS system (Control Delivery System) with full control over the 3 extraction phases;
  • Absolute ergonomics, excellent details and cutting-edge materials.
  • Independent temperature regulation of groups and boilers;
  • Pressure Drive mechanical pump specific for each group;
  • ASUS Tablet supplied for configuration via bluetooth via dedicated app.
  • Series competition filters.

Sanremo Cafe Racer Professional Coffee Machine

Available in 2 Grouphead & 3 Grouphead With 2 steam taps | 1 water tap 1 1-cup filter holder | 2 2-cup filter holder 10,000W Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) is highly recommended Package Inclusions: 2 days of Basic Barista training for all Machine All machines are inclusive of 2 years warranty