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ECM – Mechanika V Slim

Heat Exchanger System with Vibration Pump. Our small allrounder in a compact design.

ECM – Synchronika

Dual Boiler System with Rotary Pump. Lifestyle pure.

ECM Coffee Grinder – C Manuale 54

Grind-on-Demand mill Slim design, full of taste

De’Longhi Magnifica S Cappuccino – ECAM 22.360.B

Compact bean-to-cup machine that can customize your favourite coffee drink. Just press a button and rotate the knob. It is equipped with a manual cappuccino device, ideal to produce a rich froth for your cappuccino.

Sanremo Zoe Competition Professional Coffee Machine

Available in 2 Grouphead & 3 Grouphead With 2 steam taps | 1 water tap 1 1-cup filter holder | 2 2-cup filter holder 5,000W Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) is highly recommended Package Inclusions: 2 days of Basic Barista training for all Machine All machines are inclusive of 2 years warranty