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6 Ideas to Get Your Dream Coffee Bar at Home

If you’re one to enjoy your cup of joe every morning but hate the long lines and overpriced drinks, then a home coffee bar might be the best idea for you.

6 Coffee Bar Ideas for the Home Barista

Make It Whimsical with Wood

Placing anything wooden to a corner coffee bar adds a rustic feel to the place. It makes you think of fairytales and grandma’s cookies.
So if you can find anything wooden like a chair, a tray, or a chopping board, add it to your coffee bar to make it more quaint.


Show off Your Mugs with a Metal Rack

You finally have use for all the mugs you have lying around the house. Buy a metal rack and put those colorful mugs on display.
People can just grab the mugs and use it with ease. No need to rummage for them in the shelves.


Personalize with a Mini Chalkboard

Perk up your coffee corner with chalk-drawn notes. From calligraphy to reminders for the day, chalk can add a nostalgic feel to your daily cup of joe.


Transform Your Coffee Bar with a Library

If you have unused book shelves lying around, you can transform that nook into your own coffee corner. Stock your mugs, coffee beans, and even a few books in there.
Now you can enjoy your reading time with a good cup of coffee.


Keep It Classy with Copper

Adding hints of copper here and there in your coffee bar can really liven up your coffee bar. Hints of gold and bronze give your coffee nook a very classic 1920s feel.


Get a Great Coffee Machine to Do the Job

What good are decorations if there’s no good coffee? Luckily, you can save yourself the hassle when you can serve perfectly good coffee in one click.
The De’Longhi Primadonna Elite features extreme customization. This means that you can adjust the flavor profile of the coffee according to your taste.
A perfect combination of dynamic design, state-of-the-art coffee technology and easiness of use, PrimaDonna Elite is the new generation of De’Longhi bean to cup coffee makers to satisfy every desire with style and taste.
It features a whole range of automatic recipes: from the classic espresso to flavored cappuccino. The perfect cup of coffee is just a touch of a button away.
With the Primadonna Elite, you can be sure that your coffee bar is going to be a dream come true.
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