THERMOPLAN AG is a worldwide leading producer of special equipment for the food service industry. Since 1985 the domicile of the company is in Weggis, embedded between the beautiful mountains where the three production plants of the successful company have their home.
In 1984 THERMOPLAN set foot for the first time into the world of gastronomy with the „Whipper” cream machine. This machine soon became the worlds leader of its kind. Following the cold cream, the hot milk foam was invented for the trend of the cappuccino. The foam was made by the “Foamer” and “Foamino” machines which became popular and are produced since 1990. Obviously and therefore inevitable was the decision, to be able to deliver the coffee of the cappuccino along with the milk foam. This decision gave birth to the “Black&White” fully automatic coffee machine in 1995 and was the case of a big growth of the company.

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