Cleaner Air, Everywhere You Go.
Say hello to the new age of mini wearable air purifiers
The Quair Plasma Mini is a portable air purifier that combines effective Bipolar Ionization Technology that comes with a built-in fan to eliminate airborne virus and bacteria in your breathing space.

Positive and negative ions
find and attach itself onto viruses in the air

The ions work together
to extract the viruses’ life-sustaining Hydrogen

The virus is unable to
reproduce and returns to the air as natural gas

Quair Plasma Mini uses Two-Step Process

Bipolar Ion Techonology

Quair deploys positive and negative ions that latch to possible contaminants extracting hydrogen which bacteria and viruses need to synthesize. Then hydrogen combines with oxygen to form water vapor to kill the microorganisms in the air with zero emissions.

Centrifugal Fan

As the negative and positive ions are released into the air, a centrifugal miniature fan spreads them out killing and eliminating airborne contaminants in close proximity.
Effective Against





Key Features

All-Around Protection

Protect your breathing area with a fan to help ions reach up to 30cm


Get fresh air daily with 8 to 10 hours
of battery-life

Super Portable

Wear it everywhere with the soft neck strap and
lightweight 85g device

Mix & Match

Customize your look with
different colors, neck straps and other accessories

Breathe easily with Quair, the first wearable air purifier that doesn’t sacrifice effectiveness for portability.