Let’s Clear The Air. Literally.
Silicon Air Valley Expert is a leading air purifier company founded by a group of technology experts and entrepreneurs in the valley.
The air in your home is more polluted than you think. The Airdog air purifiers puts your health and the health of the environment first. You’ll stop inhaling everyday indoor air pollutants and breathe cleaner air than with any of the more traditional air purifiers on the market (like HEPA). Plus you’ll save time, money, and the planet with our energy-efficient and WASTE-FREE design. Our ionic wind filtration technology also makes the Airdog virtually silent.

High performing

Eco friendly

Reusable filter

Whisper quiet

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Inroducing TPA Technology

Beyond traditional ionic technology, airdog’s patented tpa® technology is tested as the most effective clean air solution on the market. Airdog x5 destroys and eliminates down to .0146 micron and is a waste free solution to your dirty air problems. Learn more how airdog changes the way we breathe.

Journey To Clean Air

Patented Airdog

The digital display indicates the current state of air quality.

The carbon filter eliminates odours and volatile organic compounds.

The filter cassette captures suspended particulates PM10, PM2.5, viruses, pollen and fungal spores. Unlike the HEPA filter, you can clean and reuse it.

Plasma ionizer as the first in the fight against pollution by air polarization.

The double pre-filter on both sides of the device removes hair and fur, epidermis and other larger impurities.

Smart App & Real-time AQI

Based on the World’s Health Organization’s standards of air quality, Airdog’s Air Quality Index (AQI) ranges from 0-500 and is built into the digital display.

The indicator light changes from red to orange, to yellow, to green, and allows you to easily monitor your room’s quality of air anytime of the day to ensure you are breathing the highest quality of air.

Airdog applies innovative technologies to improve health and quality of life, beginning with the air we breathe.