Big Boy Cheng Tries out the Primadonna Exclusive

We got the YouTube vlogger, Big Boy Cheng, to unbox the De’Longhi Primadonna Exclusive. He was in for one hell of a (chocolate) treat.

De’Longhi PrimaDonna Exclusive Review

Big Boy Cheng invited his friends over for a cup of coffee using the Primadonna Exclusive. The machine served Italian-style coffee in just one click.
He first avoided brewing his own coffee because it took a lot of effort and time. That all changed when he got the Primadonna Exclusive.
The machine is user-friendly. In just one click, you can easily customize the water level and the strength of your coffee.
“It’s like being in a coffee shop,” Big Boy Cheng comments. He was amused by how he could get pro-level coffee in the comfort of his home.
What makes it more impressive is that it is the only machine in the market that can make hot chocolate. It wasn’t just the taste, but the aroma that made the chocolate stand out.
For people who don’t drink coffee, the De’Longhi Primadonna Exclusive is perfect for you.
You can even have fun with it. Mix chocolate with coffee to make a mochaccino.
Big Boy Cheng even commented on how convenient the size was for the home. You don’t need to go to coffee shops. You can bring the coffee shop to your home.

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