Our Brands
De’Longhi offers innovative products, conceived with avant-garde criteria with the introduction of its Magnifica Espresso Machines, a beautifully designed super automatic espresso machine that produces perfect espresso, latte and cappuccino, cup after cup, every time with the simple touch of a button, for the extraordinary pleasure of true Italian espresso—a machine so versatile and so simple to use.
Functional, reliable products created for maximum efficiency and output, guaranteeing a long working life. These products are fully compliant with the highest possible quality standards are meticulously designed down to the last detail to transform practical everyday objects into stylish accessories.
Home and kitchen appliances have been cleverly designed to offer the best possible solution for everyday needs, alongside maximum ease of use, innovative technology and contemporary style. De’Longhi products are synonymously with quality appliances throughout the world. 
More than twenty years of experience in the production of Professional Espresso Machines, allow our company SANREMO to propose itself as one of the worldwide leaders in the espresso machines market.  All the SANREMO professional espresso machines are the results of design projects entirely carried out by a skillful team of technicians and designers highly motivated and trustworthy within the company.
SANREMO’S philosophy and success are based on passion and focus on the detail clearly visible on the aesthetic lines of our models which make them a unique piece of interior design appealing in all the baristas and coffee shops that use SANREMO’S quality products.  SANREMO’S quality covers the entire production cycle: from designing and technical planning to the models series production.  Our commitment to product quality goes so far that the machine is tested two times before leaving the factory to insure that they are true precision instruments worthy of the SANREMO name.  These main features of innovation and high standard performances are the fundamental core of the success of our models.
THERMOPLAN AG is a worldwide leading producer of special equipment for the food service industry. Since 1985 the domicile of the company is in Weggis, embedded between the beautiful mountains where the three production plants of the successful company have their home. In 1984
THERMOPLAN set foot for the first time into the world of gastronomy with the „Whipper" cream machine. This machine soon became the worlds leader of its kind. Following the cold cream, the hot milk foam was invented for the trend of the cappuccino. The foam was made by the "Foamer" and "Foamino" machines which became popular and are produced since 1990. Obviously and therefore inevitable was the decision, to be able to deliver the coffee of the cappuccino along with the milk foam. This decision gave birth to the Black&White” fully automatic coffee machine  in 1995 and was the case of a big growth of the company.
FETCO® is a leading innovator of specialty coffee grinding, brewing and serving equipment for HORECA markets. FETCO® continues to pioneer the thermal market and maintain a reputation for new ideas and engineering excellence by taking a leadership role in educating new segments of foodservice and retail about preparing and serving premium coffee.
One of the leading coffee brewing equipment designers in the world and continues to develop visionary solutions for the coffee industry. The award-winning EXTRACTOR® Series features the patented Pulse-Brew Brewing System with intermittent spray technology to ensure that the body, taste and aroma of the coffee pass into the customer’s cup without degradation.

JTC is a leading manufacturer of high-performance commercial blenders with factory facilities in Zhongshan, Guangdong, China. Its parent company Taiwan Star Industrial Inc. came to prominence through designing and manufacturing telephone sets and PCB controllers the command center of small appliances. Over a twenty-year period of success in OEM / ODM services, JTC PCB controllers made their ways into numerous home appliances including well-known international brands such as Italy's De'Longhi, America's Holmes and Honeywell, and Japan's Sanyo and National-developing a reputation of "JTC" as being synonymous to the highest quality and technology excellence in the industry. After thirty years of efforts in designing electronic and home appliances, we have firmly built a solid foundation for success based on our technology, experience, and dedication.